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With ten years of experience, Specialisterren’s structured approach to testing is a guarantee for excellent quality in digital transformations.  We are proud of our work and the projects that we were privileged to have worked on and deeply appreciate our long-term business relations. Our clients are leaders in the online and mobile service provider business. They appreciate us and see Specialisterren as a reliable partner; they are enthusiastic about our good results and the excellent quality of our service. We have worked for, among others, CompLions,, OutSystems, Jungle Minds, Incentro, Unisys, De Goudse Verzekeringen, Schuberg Philis, Digidentity and PostNL. On this page you can find some examples of these projects.


Frans Broekhof, Managing Director CompLions: “Quality and corporate social responsibility are two very important and salient points to us. We are very glad that Specialisterren combines both. That makes it feel extra good.”

  • Testing of software for CompLions-GRC, specialized in software for Governance, Risk Management and Compliance.


New functionalities and upgrades to the back end systems in a short time and yet still of a lasting, high quality.

  • New e-commerce platform for book sales
  • Agile/Scrum Testing + Performance testing
  • Agile Scrum development method
  • Tooling: JIRA, Gatling, Confluence
  • CMS: Upgrade of Intershop


At just 30% of the costs, Specialisterren’s testing work costs significantly less but provides more results!

  • Internal apps for managers in the cleaning business
  • Functional Acceptance Testing + Regression tests
  • Agile development method
  • Tooling: TF, SAP

Schuberg Philis

Schuberg Philis: “If you need to be sure that it is good, you must let it be tested by Specialisterren.”

  • Testing of financial and banking business critical environments
  • Functional testing + Test automation
  • Agile/Scrum/DevOps
  • Tooling: JIRA, Confluence, Selenium, Spec Flow
  • CMS: Five Degrees, Sitecore


Incentro: “Through the quality that Specialisterren delivers, we can see that testers with autism are better than other testers. That is amazing.”

  • Specialisterren has a partnership with Incentro through which we pick up test work for clients such as Telfort, ANWB, Funda, PostNL and KPN
  • CI/CD, Agile/Scrum
  • Regression testing, Test automation, Performance testing
  • Tooling: JIRA, Selenium, Fitnesse, JMeter
  • CMS: GX, IPPA, Intershop, Tridion, Mendix


Unisys: “With this collaboration, we conform to social return and give something back to our society. Not only that: we also get better product quality because the Specialisterren testers are just really good.”

  • Specialisterren tests the information system of the Custodial Institutions Service for Unisys
  • Functional testing, Regression tests, Test automation
  • Tooling:  Microsoft test Manager, TFS, Selenium, Fitnesse
  • CMS: Unisys Law Enforcement Application Framework (U-LEAF)

Jungle Minds

Specialisterren has a partnership with JungleMinds. In projects for, among others, AkzoNobel, Infinitas and Ultimaker, we are aiding in testing and guaranteeing  optimal product quality.

  • Test automation + Agile/Scrum testing + Usability testing + Browser Compatibility
  • Emphasis is on usability design
  • Tooling: JIRA, Selenium, Fitnesse
  • CMS: Craft, Hippo

Goudse Verzekeringen

De Goudse: “The great flexibility of Specialisterren is unmistakenly a huge asset.” More about our cooperation in our social annual report.

  • Online insurance portal
  • Regression tests, Automated Regression tests
  • Agile/Scrum development method
  • Tooling: TFS, Selenium, Fitnesse
  • CMS: Level 7, HIP Next
  • One of our oldest clients

De Postcode Loterij

PCL: “It’s really great to see that the testers at Specialisterren are simply better than the average tester elsewhere.”

  • An annual 100+ marketing campaign websites of optimal quality
  • Functional Acceptance testing, Browser Compatibility
  • Iterative
  • Tooling: JIRA