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Our services


Specialisterren’s services are performed in our test factory, which are characterized by its quick and simple upscaling of testing capacity. Several of our testers can be put on a project on short notice. This makes costs and deadlines more manageable. This way, Specialisterren can deliver testing on demand in accordance to the needs and preferences of our clients.

Test areas


Software used for e-commerce is incredibly complex, making precise testing even more important. Even when testing is performed regularily.

Mobile & Apps

Mobile phones and apps are especially sensitive. Users expect the perfect app and customers just want their mobile phone to work properly.

Web applications

Using a sophisticated web application, you will be able to offer extra services. Specialisterren will test your measuring application for mistakes and vulnerabilities and ensure that the web application does exactly what you require from it.

Online portals / websites

It should not matter if a website is visited on a tablet, smartphone or PC. We test whether the site is displayed correctly and whether any and all information can be found easily.

Testing methods

Automated testing

With our service it’s possible to fully automate the testing of software processes.

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Functional Acceptance Testing (FAT)

Custom specifications are of the highest importance with functional acceptance testing. Functional acceptance testing will show whether or not a developed system meets functional demands.

Regression testing

Updates are regularly applied to specific parts of an application while other large parts of it are left unaltered. In those cases, regression tests are the way to prevent potential problems.

System tests

In a system test, a fully intergrated system – or just parts of it – are tested.

System intergration testing

System intergration testing is a high level software testing process with which testers check if all related systems maintain their data integrity.



We are proud of our work and all of the projects that we were privileged to work on for our many clients. Our clients appreciate us and think of Specialisterren as a reliable business partner who helps and cooperates excellently.