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Specialisterren is a succesful social enterprise. All testers at Specialisterren have a form of autism. They form the heart of our company. In our company conduct we try to help our autistic employees by playing to their talents and capabilities. In our annual impact reports you can read all about our social impact. Read our impact reports of 20182017 and 2016 and see right away what we can do for you.

Through this setup, we create benefits for everyone: a top quality service for our clients and a job for people who are at a distance from the job market. Quality service and social enterprising go hand in hand at our company. For this, as the first IT company to do so, Specialisterren received the highest recognition from the Performance ladder for Social Enterprising. Specialisterren, economically healthy and one hundred percent social! Also counts towards your social return.

McKinsey&Company calls Specialisterren a Society Changer. From the report ‘Scaling the Impact of the Social Enterprise Sector’ that was published in November 2016: ‘Specialisterren is still relatively small, but by proving that autistic workers could master software testing, they made a major contribution to solving part of the labor participation issue.’

Read the entire McKinsey report here.

On our employee page you can find more information about Specialisterren and its employees.

Would you like to know what Specialisterren can do for you? Contact us now for an obligation free meeting with Specialisterren.

Would you also like to read more about the social side of Specialisterren? Check out our annual social reports here.