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Specialisterren works on developing talents. All working processes within the company are aimed at the capacities and limitations of our autistic employees, with a heavy emphasis on their qualities. You can find more about our results in our Social Impact Reports from 2018, 2017 en 2016. In 2018 we made our comprehensive information about the development of our employees explicit. Our conclusion: working at Specialisterren means more than just having a job.

The strength of the business model developed by Specialisterren is that an employee with autism is regarded as an individual with talents. This succesful approach is described in the handbook ‘Rekening houden met capaciteit en sturen op kwaliteit. Mensen met autisme aan het werk’ (Taking capacity into account and guide towards quality. People with autism at work.) Interested in this publication? Send us an email.

Social Return on Investment (SROI)

Specialisterren creates a very high Social Return on Investment (SROI). Every euro spent on Specialisterren yields 1,19 euro in social return. In this way, all clients of Specialisterren contribute to saving on social expenses and do their part in helping our society. This is apparent from the SROI-report of Specialisterren. By employing Specialisterren services, our clients work together with a company that meets the criteria of Social Return on Investment.

Prestatieladder Socialer Ondernemen

In 2012, Specialisterren garnered the highest recognition from the Prestatieladder Socialer Ondernemen (PSO), the first IT company in the Netherlands to do so. This ‘acomplishment ladder’ was developed by TNO. Companies with a PSO-recognition contribute more than average to the employment of people who are at a disadvantage in the job market. With the Step 3 certification, Specialisterren gives structural meaning to social return and therefore is a leader in the field of social enterprising.

Would you like to know more about what Specialisterren can do for your company’s social return norm? Contact Specialisterren now for an obligation free appointment.

Partners of Specialisterren

Social Enterprise NL

Social Enterprise NL is the national platform for social enterprises. Specialisterren was one of the first companies to join Social Enterprise NL.


IN2IT is a cooperation of social IT companies who offer people with autism an opportunity in the job market. IN2IT helps its clients with innovative solutions. Specialisterren is a partner of IN2IT.


Skillcity is an open business network for entrepeneurs of smaller and medium-sized IT companies. Specialisterren is part of the Club of a 100 of Skillcity.

Stichting DOEN

DOEN is one of the charities of the Nationale Postcode Loterij. DOEN supports companies who help vulnerable groups of people in Dutch society. Specialisterren Academy received a donation from DOEN.

De Normaalste Zaak

Specialisterren is a member of De Normaalste Zaak. De Normaalste Zaak is a network of MKB entrepeneurs who think it should be the most common thing in the world for everyone to have a shot at a job within their capacity in the market.

De Rabobank Foundation

The Rabobank Foundation supports projects aimed at durable socio-economical participation and self-reliance. The Rabobank Foundation has supported Specialisterren at the start up of the company and utilized its network for Specialisterren.

Start Foundation

Start Foundation is an independent social investor who wants to create opportunities for people who are vulnerable in the job market. Start Foundation gave Specialisterren a loan to make its start up possible.

Instituut Gak

Instituut Gak provides donations to projects in the field of social security and job market policy. Instituut Gak provided a contribution to the education of the first testers at Specialisterren and a contribution to the research of innovative measures to increase durable productivity of people with autism.


The VSBfonds is working towards a society where everyone can actively participate. The VSBfonds contributed to the workplace layout of the former establishment of  Specialisterren in Utrecht.

Anton Jurgens Fonds

The Anton Jurgens Fonds (AJF) supports initiatives aimed at vulnerable groups within our society. AJF has guided and supported Specialisterren with  making it’s activities durable and sustainable.


We have shown what our impact is since the day we started our business. We used to do this through our Social Annual Reports, now we do specific impact measurements: transparant and accessible in accordance to the Code Sociale Ondernemingen. Read everything about how we measure our impact in our Impact Report 2018Impact Report 2017 and Impact Report 2016Social entrepeneuring doesn’t just mean being socially responsible but also being an open and transparent business. Check out our statutesannual report and multi-year plan here.