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Specialisterren is especially proud of the recognition by its peers in the field. People see us as a game changer. Specialisterren inspires others in the Netherlands. From fellow entrepeneurs to prime minister Mark Rutte: Specialisterren’s approach is known all around. Specialisterren is leading when it comes to durable and social enterprising. McKinsey even calls Spcialisterren a society changer.

Society Changer 2016

In the McKinsey report ‘Scaling the Impact of the Social Enterprise Sector’, published on November 1st 2016, Specialisterren was called a society changer. From the report: ‘Specialisterren is still relatively small, but by proving that autistic workers can master software testing, they made a major contribution to solving part of the labor participation issue.’

Gamechanger 2014

Specialisterren is one of the 50 biggest and most innovative game changers of the Netherlands. Game changers are Dutch companies who change ‘the rules of the game’. A game changer is an innovator that is evidently succesful. Management Team put Specialisterren on the list of companies that challenge the status quo. With its approach, Specialisterren is an example for other companies.

Everyone a job. Everybody profits

In the book ‘Iedereen werk. Iedereen winst. Hoe sociale firma’s een inclusieve economie creëren (Everyone a job. Everyone profits. How social firms create an inclusive economy.)’ by Mark Hillen of Social Enterprise NL, Specialisterren is mentioned as an example The gist of it: social companies offer a solution for the problem of low job participation of people with a handicap. Specialisterren is a good example of that.

Prime Minister Mark Rutte

Even around the government, the work of Specialisterren is known. Prime Minister Rutte in his Willem Drees reading 2013 called Specialisterren a good example for the new participation society. Rutte: “Specialisterren provides profit in threefold. For the entrepeneur. For this group of employees, who not only make a salary but also grow in self-esteem. And for the state and society, because this way of working has saved more than 800.000 euros on professional guidance in 2011 alone.”

Awareness campaign Social Enterprise NL

As a leader in the growing group of social enterprisers, Specialisterren is often named as a source of inspiration for other corporations. In the awareness campaign of Social Enterprise NL in 2013, the entirety of the Netherlands got to know Specialisterren.

Participation Award 2011

For being the most social and innovative business, Specialisterren received the Participation Award 2011 from the hands of Her Majesty Queen Maxima, back then still a princess. In the category Labor, Specialisterren was praised for it’s innovative revenue model, durability and entrepeneurship. From the jury report: “Specialisterren is a social enterprise that has unified and anchored their commercial and social goals. The employees get a contract for a minimum of 24 hours and are therefore tax-payers. Specialisterren presents itself as the company with the best testers. Why? Because the people who work there are the best of their kind. This social firm is durable through its revenue model and entrepeneurship.”

Nomination Computable Awards 2015, 2012, 2011, 2010

Specialisterren has been nominated many times for the Computable Award. Four times so far, among others for the category Most socially responsible IT company of the year (20112012) and IT contractor of the year (2010). From one of the jury reports: “Social return is becoming more and more relevant. There aren’t that many companies who have made social return such an integral part of their primary process. Specialisterren is one of those companies.” (2012).

In 2015, Specialisterren was nominated for a Computable Award for the fourth time. This time for the category Partner project of the year. Together with Team51 and Infiinitas Learning we worked on testing educational apps. We are pretty proud of that, because we are talking about one of the most important IT prizes in the Netherlands.


Specialisterren Academy was deemed a charity  by software company Infi. Of the annual profit in 2011, 0.7 percent went to the ANBI Stichting Specialisterren Academy.