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Social enterprises operate with a drive to do good for the world. Specialisterren’s passion is trying to make our society more durable and just. Our goal for this society is creating jobs for people with a form of autism. Read all about our impact in our Social Impact Reports 2018, 2017 or  2016.

Sociaal entrepeneurs look for innovative solutions for challenges in our society. That is exactly what Specialisterren does. Social Enterprise NL explains in this short video exactly what a social enterprise is; at 2:47 minutes Sjoerd van der Maaden explains what the strength of Specialisterren is.

Healthy business conduct

Realising this goal isn’t possible without a financially healthy business conduct. A social enterprise is social in its business conduct and financially self-sufficient. In fact, we think that commercial success and social enterprising are vital for corporate social responsibility.

Innovative solutions

Specialisterren searches for innovative solutions and wants to inspire others. Creating profit for everyone is our priority: for the employee a job and more happiness, for the client an exemplary service and for the society, social impact and savings on social expenses.

Social worth \ Financial worth
Charities | Social enterprises | Regular companies
Pure donations from subsidies | Donations/subsidies and income from the market | >75% income from the market | Profit completely reinvested | Profit handed out at a limit | MVO+ at the core of the company | Purely financially driven
Barely any impact  Impact prioritized  Finances prioritized

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Impact first

Specialisterren proves that social enterprising is a valid alternate option. In contrast to regular enterprises – who also usually exhibit some corporate social responsibility – Specialisterren is content with less economical profit. The available financial profit is utilized for a bigger social gain. So in short, impact first!